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      Welcome to Favored Whispers

      Welcome to Favored Whispers where we choose to focus on the beauty of life. Inspired by dark valleys leading to green pastures, I felt a passion to turn my focus from difficult challenges into positive affirmations. With a creative spirit and love for design, our mission soon became clear as we created our handmade artisan cabochon jewelry - to uplift, empower and affirm.

      As a founder, I wanted to share a casual vibe to instill calmness and reflection in a hyperactive world full of negativity. I felt this calling after numerous personal traumas in my life that were compounded by the apathy surrounding me. Claiming victory through quiet solitude at the seaside and deep in the forest, I once again felt confident & energized.

      My passion and artistic abilities focus on combining creativity through digital arts, graphic design and photography to portray ideas through art. I start by creating sketches, word art/typography and manipulated photography into designs that I use in my handcrafted statement jewelry. With a positive view of relationships we have with ourselves and others to celebrate the human spirit, my artwork focuses on beauty and poetics. With that being said, my visual messaging is more than just aesthetic, it also reflects behavior and identity to spur conversations between individuals. 

      Much of our handmade jewelry is crafted with MERAKI with exclusive designs made in the USA with quality materials. Messaging includes inspirational quotes originating from revered icons who left indelible marks on humanity.

      I hope our line inspires you the same way it did me. Whether you find yourself turning to meditation, yoga, nature, religion or some other positive force, we hope you find pieces that convey your individuality and make you feel powerful, joyful and confident.

      Abundant Blessings To You